It's another stinking hot day. The car reaks and I'm sticking to the leather of the seat. OK. Before you read on I better explain. My names Hally and it's just been me and my dad ever since I can remember, coz my mum died when I was born....well, so I was told. It turns out that not only do I have a mother she is infact rich and perfectly healthy! When dad told me I completly flipped, you can see why though can't you? Yeah, so it turns out she left him because he was too immature for her and she thought looking after a kid would make him more mature. She said she'd come back when he was more mature but she never did. So..here we are on the way to the school she works at (the one I wasn't aloud to go to coz it cost too much, I know the real reason now) to see her. OH MY GOD! We're here! Dad just sits there staring at the school for a while then turns giving me a weak smile and hauled himself out of the car. You have to admire him really, taking me to see my mum that left him for being immature?! Like who would do that? I scrambled out of the car after him and we slowly walk into the school. When we get to the main office dad asks the secretary for "Miss Laleene" so the secretary calls her over the p.h. system. And there she is, as soon as I saw her my knees went all wobbly and I needed to sit down, she was tall with lond dark curly hair, she was wearing this light pink jacket and skirt. She stopped and stared, first at my dad, then at me. "Hally." she whispered. She walked slowly over to me "How are you Hally?" she asked in a strangled voice. I didn't get to answer, I was to busy haurling over her crisp clean cut designer suit....crap.


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