A Broken Peice In Life

leaving everything behind
the emptiness of my heart
tears that fall from my face

and the frustration of not being here
so many memories made that day
everything was there
and now everything just dissapeared

why is it that the more people i get to meet
in life
i always have to say goodbye
for me goodbye is the hardest thing
cause i never know when i get to say
hello again

why does this have to be so hard
and why does this have to be so painful
i can feel my heart breaking
the burn of this feeling
the sadness of this emotion

the other day there was a warm sunset
now it's blue and cold
like the frost of my heart
this other side i didn't know
it's coming out,
why does everything have to end like this
why do we say goodbye in the world
why does this have to be

so many memories
so many laughs
so many times
and now i have to let them........


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