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Our ANZAC Remembrance

We woke up early, for today
We'd celebrate in a meaningful way
We'd raise the flag with heads held high
A symbol that we proudly fly

In World War One, on Turkish lands
Our ANZACs fought, guns in their hands
Digging trenches, climbing hills,
Watching their best friends be killed

Dodging, shooting-"Who was that?"
One of many, dead in combat
Ordered bluntly to give their lives
Using things like guns and knives

In silence bugles start to blow
In the sky the sun is low
A priest steps up and starts to pray
For all the lives taken away

"The Turks, they know, just hurry, hurry!"
Hundreds died during this flurry
Soldiers were told to drop their packs
A huge weight taken off their backs

Every order was obeyed
So many lost their lives that day
For enemies it was the same
They're no the ones that we should blame

We lay our wreaths upon the ground
Thankful, we are safe and sound
They all went away to fight
To help out allies in their plight

The smell of blood was in the air
They had no time, no time to spare
Who had been shot? Would they care?
An enemy or friend dead there?

So many people went off to war
Leaving their families alone and unsure
Waiting for news, months at a time
Worrying 'bout relatives in the front line

Everything rationed, never enough
The people at home also had it tough
No toys for the children, a bath once a week
Poor housing materials made everything leak

Some say war is useless, I don't agree
Without it there would be no you and no me
We would be so different, we wouldn't be free
But we are, because of Gallipoli

We bow our heads now to reflect
We stay quiet to show respect
Now it's April 25th, we're here to celebrate
All the people who have fought to make our country great

Their bravery, their strength, their heart
Their families, torn apart
We will remember the mothers who cried
We will remember them, dead or alive

by Lucy Jones, WA

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