Main Road

Walked around the corner bend
past a road where you lost a friend,
the street lights are the memories
that fade later in the night.
The sky is like the colourless grey
the sight that scared the day away,
can't see your way through
nothing old and nothing new.
Paved the ground with fears
look up to the sky
as it breaks to tears
and let them wash over yourself
walk that path till nothings left.
Pass a threshold another street
have you come to the place
where old friends meet?
Maybe you will never
see them again
what if after all this suffering
this was the end?
But you know its not
because it just gets worse
along this track
the people who cross
can never come back.
You shiver and shake
you can't turn around
your mind starts to break
sacrificed to the fading sound.

The flashing lights start to vanish
a shooting star
did you make your wish?
To stay in the land your in
don't go on and don't give in.
the crowd has passed through
so why haven't you?
Passing by left it behind
the road you can no longer find.
But this place will still show
no matter where you go.
The world where you were
was so simple
but the way to another
is like a never ending ripple.
Step another street
one more and your too far from home
no longer in the place
you use to room.
Walked to long and found another
your pain you will never cover
for you lost a part of you
when you walked this way
it fades a little day by day.
Hidden beneath your growing mind
hidden under the sands of time
by yourself it still can show
that part of yourself
you could never let go.