What is a name?
Why is it important?

We don't name ourselves
yet we depend on our name,
We treat it like it defines us
but we were named before anyone knew us.

A name.
A word,
Two words,
Three words,
or more!
Just words.

Words are tricky.
They hide and change to catch us unawares.
They are snares,
they bind us and do not let us out
of our gilded cage.

Our cage is our name.
Our name is our cage.
One and the same,
yet different.

I think we have more than one name.
First, our birth name,
the one our parents give.
Second, our known name,
the one our friends call.
Third, our lovers name,
the one born of intimacy.
Fourth, our Name,
the one we call ourselves,
although it cannot be verbalised.
I think it is sometimes called

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