When I see your eyes,
I can’t help but smile.
My hearts racing,
My minds pacing.
An impossible love it is,
But I can’t ignore this.
Your like the summer sun,
That shines with royal pride.
Your like the chilling winter,
Taking everything in stride.
Your hands are soft,
Your voice is sweet,
Your head is spiced,
Your heart is sour.
To love me as I love you,
Would be to love a taboo.
Unforgivable lies unfold,
And finally the truth is told.
My life shatters like glass,
As my tears fall fast.
For the last time,
You tell me your mine.
With one last glance,
You take a chance.
Our backs are facing each other,
We’ve brought shame to our mothers.
We can’t help how we feel,
It’s not our fault we’re in this ordeal.
If only our family was honest,
We’d never have been lost in this forest.
I no longer see your eyes,
Therefore I no longer smile.
Know that I love you,
Know that it’s true.
If anything,
Know that I will never forget you.