Dance With The Devil

Have you ever wondered, Just once,
What happens when you die?
Do you burn in Hell or live forever in the sky?

Good people go to Heaven,
Or so they say
But what price does a murderer pay?

I've seen and felt the blood of many
Dripping off my hands, turning them red
Still I wonder what will happen once I am dead

Will the angels be the judge on my dying day?
Will they expel me from Heaven,
Hell being my price to pay

I suppose I'll dance with the Devil
Instead of singing amongst God
These thoughts occurring as I die in this parking lot

Come my last breaths I struggle to see
The stars turning into angels,
Have they come back for me?

They shake their heads and turn away
As if they can't bear to watch what's to be done
Watching them I realize that it is me the Devil has won

His demons appear and take my soul to Hell
I bleed as they laugh at how I have fell so far
Heaven forever out of my grasp, now an unreachable star