As the rain began to vanish, and the sun finally came out,
I saw a really BIG rainbow, and I no longer had a pout.
All the different colours, red, yellow, green and blue,
the little chirpy birds went past, happily they flew.
I suddenly felt lighter, and I began to laugh out loud,
the sky was still a shade of grey, because of that big black cloud.
I put away my little umbrella, shaking off all the rain drops,
Walking home, enjoying the rainbow, I came to a stop.
Realising that when the sun fully appears, the rainbow will start to fade,
I started running around frantically, starting my own parade.
As I put on my little raincoat, and prayed for it to rain,
I realised that there was nothing I can do, it is all in vain.A beautiful thing that only takes some simple things to make,
Too bright, to lovely to be real, sometimes in think it’s just a fake.
I imagine the world without any colour,
It’ll be so boring, so lifeless, the more I think the more it is duller.