Jack and his beans

Everyone knows how the story goes
How Jack sold his cow for a price so low,
But I know how it's really told
Where mum gambled for GOLD, GOLD, GOLD!
"Jack sell our cow and sell it fast!"
So off he went to a place so vast
Crowded with people, filled with cash
Sold to the lady with the red sash!
"HAHA, I meant a hundred beans,
But hey, don't think of it as mean..."
Mum was mad, "I've got a dumb child,
I should just leave you in the wild
To your room, and throw out those beans
And from now on you can't wear those jeans!"
Jack was really miserable,
He couldn't say one syllable
Mum was downstairs drinkinig and saw
A huge leaf breaking through their door
Jack woke up in the biggest fright,
Ran downtsairs ready for a fight
"Gold" mum shouted, "Gold i tell you,
Climb up that beanstalk or im sending you to the zoo!"
Jack was shaking uncontrollably
So Jack said "Why don't you come with me?"
But mum was drowning out Jack's voice
And she starting singing out of choice,
"Jack, Jack he's everyone's man,
If he can't do it, no one can!"
Up, up, up, Jack climbed the first leaf
Mum didn't know heights caused Jack great grief
He was halfway there and he fell
While he was falling he rang a bell.
Poof! Up he went right through the sky
"Oh my golly gosh, I can fly!"
Jack landed in front of a castle
And at the top was a big tassel
So ding, dang, dong the doorbell rang
While Jack was waiting he heard a bang
"Hello, how can i help you young lad?"
Jack looked up and she looked quite sad
"What's wrong? Why do you look so glum?"
"Well my brother just ate the last plum..."
"It's ok, I'll get you some more"
Jack waltzed in and she locked the door.
"Haha! You're trapped, now let us eat,
Into the pot and cut off those feet!"

So that was the sad end of young Jack
So in memory, mum always wears black.

The end


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