Facebook Stalker

Mark got home at 10. He logged onto his facebook account. All his friends thought he was 16 years old, and his name was Joe Parks. They believed he lived in Sydney and played rugby, hockey and cricket. He had taken photos of kids playing these sports and posted them as himself. He spent most of his time finding out personal information about unsuspecting kids and using it to become better friends with them.

There were seven of his closer friends logged on. All of them were 17 or under. The youngest was 12. That was the most promising one. Her name was Mary Stills, and she came from a large family that frustrated her. She could spend hours telling Mark how annoying they were, how she wished she could get away. Each time she did, she accidently let slip another piece of private information about her that he recorded in a big book. So far he had three pages of information about her. He knew where she lived, what sports she played, what school she went to, what year she was in, the names of her whole family and her schedule for weekends.

A link popped up on the screen. It was Mary.

Marzipan4: Hey, ul never gess what my rents did
Joe8: ono, wot now?
Marzipan4: I was throwing paper planes out of my bdrm wndow, into the allyway next to our house, and my mum found em, and grounded me 4 a month!!! how unfair!!!
Joe8: tht suks. hpfully shell frget sn. oops, gotta go, mum thnks im asleep. tlk 2 u l8r
Marzipan4: thnks. by

Mark logged off and got out his big book. He wrote under Mary’s name that her bedroom backed onto an alleyway. He already knew it was on the ground floor. Now he had all the information he needed. He was ready.

The next night Mark fed a story to his boss about being sick and came home at 8. He needed to be ready for 9. He had his car stashed with rope and strips of material to use as a gag. He had his taser, but he was hoping not to have to use it. Mary had told him she was the smallest girl in her class and was sometimes teased about it. So she wouldn’t be hard to overpower.

An hour later Mark was crouched in the alleyway next to Mary’s house. She could hear her yelling at her father. Then the door slammed and he could hear the bed creak as she jumped on it. Quickly, he stood up, jumped the small fence and leapt through the window of her bedroom. It was very pink and girly just like he’d imagined. Mary was lying on the bed facedown, so hadn’t seen or heard him come in. It was much easier that way. He crossed the room in two steps and grabbed her from behind. If only she had known who Joe Parks really was at the very beginning...


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