Kathryn Wins

It is 1980 and the Commonwealth games are about to start. The tennis is the first to play and Kathryn Dyer is going to play Lavender Skater. Lavender was a really good tennis player. She had won every game she had played. Kathryn was only playing her first game and she didn't have a hope of winning. She started training on the 1st of March and was playing Lavender on the 8th. The 8th of March came around quickly and before she knew it, she was going to play in another 5 minutes. The game had started and she was going really good, but then she knew Lavender had just about caught up to her. But then without even noticing, every one was cheering then she heard and started crying. Then the umpire said,"Well done Kathryn." Kathryn looked up, and the umpire nodded at her."You have won your first game you have ever played. And it was against the very hardest person no-one has ever beaten, so you should be proud." The umpire gave her her trophy. That night while she was lying in bed, she kept looking at her trophy she had won that very day. She was very proud!



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