Kazza and Pizza Boy - story one

Story 1

Kazza: I, Kazza will have the one ring. The one ring...TO RULE THEM

*Door bell*

Kazza: oh look! It is the doorbell. The one door bell...TO RULE THEM

*Kazza opens the door*

Pizza boy: hi. I am the pizza boy. Here is your pizza, from me. The
Pizza boy. Just like my subtitle character name.

Kazza: is this pizza evil enough?

Pizza boy: yes. It’s evil enough. The pizza boy, me, never

Kazza: excellent! I have the one pizza, the one pizza...TO RULE THEM ALL!

Pizza boy: yeah, that’s nice. Gimme all ure money!

Kazza: keep dreaming, pizza boy.

Pizza boy: NOBODY, EXEPT ME, CALLS ME PIZZA BOY! And my mummy of course!

Kazza: yup...anyway...lets go bother snape!

Pizza boy: all right!


Kazza and PIZZA BOY: bother bother bother!

Snape: aaaaa! Noooo! you're smudging my makeup! aaaaa!

In the end a magic fairy came and took them away.
They lived in a spaceship and lived happily ever after.



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