Dalmation Double


I was walking in at the park,when I heard a big yelp. I went near the bush where I thought I heard the yelp. I could hear rusling sounds and then I saw a ....

Cute dalmation puppy. I picked the puppy up and started walking home. I didn't notice that when I went to picked up the puppy that another dalmation puppy jumped in to my bag.

When I got home I made a little kennel and I started to un-pack my bag, but when I was un-packing my bag, I found the other little puppy. So I went to put it in the kennel, thinking it was the first one that I found, but as I went to put the puppy down, I saw the first puppy. I felt very confused, so I put the second puppy in the kennel with the first and then went to go tell mum I that I was going to go to the pet shop.


I got to Mum and then thought that she would go totally nuts if I told her that I had two puppies. "Mum, can I please go walking into town to meet some friends?" I asked her. "Yeah sure" said Mum "But you will have to be home before tea time"
"Thanks Mum" I said and started walking out the door.

As I was walking to the pet shop I wondered what I was going to do if the puppies started making noises and Mum heard them. But soon I forgot that as I reached the pet shop.

I walked into the pet shop and started looking for puppy food. One of the staff saw me and thought I was confused and asked me "Would you like some help?"
"Yes please" I replied "I need a little puppy food".


''So what are we doing tomorrow '' I asked hoping that they we're going to say just the normal stuff.'' Well, we are go to go see Aunt Ellie and Uncle Peter'' said dad. Oh my godness(omg) I thought. They live in Victoria and were going to have to go on a plane. that will be hard to hide the puppies.

When we were flying on the plane there was a big yelp coming from my suitcase where I had put the puppies. The host came to me and opened my suitcase and the two pups jumped out. I blushed. I had been caught.