Dancing With Devils

The sorrow washes over me like a wave of tears,
Within its heart lay my deepest darkest fears,
With my conscience as its source,
It charges, swiftly as a horse,
Leaving only destruction in its tramped trail,
So different from the path I used to sail,
The path I tread now is an unforgiving one,
But I may not stop until the trek is done,
My pleas for help find no ears,
Surrounded by bones I can feel my death near,
For this path has been tread before,
And will be walked forever more,
So little attention for so large an issue,
As if it can be solved simply with a tissue,
As I run through all possible choices in my head,
More and more my conclusion will cause my sorrow to spread,
As I shy away from all help and assistance,
A chilling thought breaches my resistance,
My hand shakes as I write my final letter,
I write how I wish it could have been better,
One last look at those who hold love for me,
I pulled the trigger and from there ceased to be.


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