He clung to the boys neck and walked quickly, but boldly forward. He tightened his grip and the innocent child screamed in pain. He muttered to himself about how he was going to demand the money for the safe return of the boy. The man threw him down effectively bruising his already sore head. He pulled out a very nice phone. Obviously stolen and quickly dialled a number. Within the first ring the Police officer answered, sounding urgent and concerned. The boy held back salty tears and trying to sound brave said ‘’you……you won’t get away with this’’ The man just looked at him with an evil grin on his disgusting face. A tear ran down the boy’s face and he wiped it away. Annoyed that he showed a sign of weakness. Then the evil man stopped grinning and sounding angry yelled ‘’Get up now, we are going!’’ But the boy just sat there. He was now grinning at the sound of police sirens. He repeated ‘’Get up now!’’ He pulled him up and tugged him along. He kicked open the door, but the police were already there. ‘’Put your hands above your head and release the boy.’’ Said the police officer. The man reached for his pocket and pulled out a gun and put it to the child’s head and said calmly but urgently ‘’let us pass, or I shoot the boy.’’ The police moved back to let him pass. But the boy kicked him. It was too late he pulled back the trigger still aimed at the boy and shot. The young kid closed his eyes but nothing happened, again he tried again but still nothing. He was out of bullets. The police moved toward him and said calmly ‘’ok, come with us.’’ The boy still shocked remained there until he heard his mother’s concerned voice. He ran into his mother’s arms while she cried. He was safe again.

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