Hallowed Be Your Name

You did not come as an angel
A creature perceived with wings; a halo
You did not come dressed in golden robes
Clothing only fit for a king
You came as we were; dressed in our cloth
Wearing our scars, our sin, our shame
You came as a soldier; a warrior
With the armour of righteousness
You come as the Father, the King, the Creator
You come as divine passion
You left divinity
You left grace
You fled towards a world of endless pain
Cold, dark, lost and cynical
You tore the leash from your sons and daughters
The captivating leash of evil
And replaced it with your loving hands
You took our scars, our sin, our shame
And taught us how to love You forgave us our sins
And taught us to forgive those that sinned against us
You saved us You showed us a different outlook on the world
You filled the voids in our lives And fulfilled our desires
You changed us from a broken lost cause
And gave us purpose
A Meaning
A cause
And we are forever yours

- Annalise Fisher


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