‘Coming from under the blanket, into my room, saw them and I have to stop them.’ That was the last thing I said to my mother before she hung up on me. Silently I kept walking; surprised I saw a jelly bean. I adore jelly beans so before I thought about what I was doing I instantly swallowed it. At that very moment I began to shrink, my arms was short and my clothes some how still fitted me; everything around me was high!
I felt scared, nervous and hatred for I was so stupid to eat that jelly bean. I heard footsteps approach behind me, they sounded so soft that minutes ago I wouldn’t have heard them. A mini figure stood in front of me. It had a very light skin tone and eight legs. At first I thought it was a spider and I have shrunken to become its prey. But then I realized what it actually was, it was an 8-legged creature. It stood there shaking in front of me. Until it spoke “hi, I’m Zoobe I have been waiting for you”. He spoke in high-pitch. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You are in my home. Every house in the world owns Lalubys, we move houses every two years!” he replied. I felt confused because how could such creatures live in MY house, I never cared on how it all began all I wanted to do was go back to my real size. “How could I go back to my real 168cm sized-human?” I asked. “You are unable unless you go and get the resize potion, which is found on the other side of the house. We are small so this would take a couple of days” It spoke again. I never knew what to do, I was frightened because my family will realize I am gone and what if they step on me. “So a couple of days, then let’s get going” I rudely said marching the direction he pointed. It wasn’t long till we were in the kitchen. Every thing seemed normal, no one was around. My stomach started to rumble I felt pain. What they eat around here, I wondered. “You hungry, that’s weird we never eat!” Zoobie said. “WHAT” I screamed. He ignored me and kept walking; my legs were aching, my stomach rumbling, my head hurting and my patients up to the sky. We entered into, what I think the toilet. What would we be doing here? I wondered. Another Lulaby approached, he had a beard and old clothes. “Do you have it?” Zoobie asked him. He handed me a bottle so small and it had this yukky yellow thing. I never wanted to say goodbye or complain so I drank it.
I found myself in bed; the alarm clock buzzed 7:00am. I was in the dream the whole time! Funny thing I still felt hungry and the taste of that potion. Ow well at least I never got eaten!

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