"Oh my god what is this place" cried duo
"Wow I don’t believe it were actually here I" shout
Where are we eveie’ Trowa asks me quietly everyone nodding in agreement
Well my friends we are in the anime fairy tale grinning come on there’s something I want to show you, ready lets race ‘running off.
I could hear starting to catch up and put in a bit more of an effort to stay in the lead, I could feel that I was gaining ground on whoever was behind me when all of a suddern
Crash and falling against a warm muscular chest

Trowa Pov

When eveie said race I was like yeah I going to totally win this hands down in my head, when all of a suddern bam she was off sprinting like a gazelle as if she had been born to run. I started sprinting leaving the others far behind as I tried to catch up to her. I almost caught up to her when she sprinted off again like she had been jogging just before when a long crash was heard.
“nemo “I cried just catching her before she fainted from the collision


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