Sally And Her Cockatoo Pocket

A long time ago at Cuddles Avenue lived a little girl named Sally. Sally owned a cockatoo named
Pocket, Pocket is a bird that bites things and people he hates. Sally’s parents hate Pocket because he hates them and because he bites things.

The following day Sally’s parents decided to sell Pocket at the Cuddles Ave bird auction. They didn't tell Sally but then she found out when she came home from school. She got sad so she tells her parents that she’s going to look for him but they don’t let her. Later that night she sneaks out of the house, she takes with her posters that say missing cockatoo. She hangs them around her street.

Sally gets lost and is missing for two weeks so her parents call the police. Sally goes to everyone’s house and tells them about her cockatoo, then one day she finds Pocket and a man's house but the man won’t let her take the bird back. So he calls the police because she told him that she doesn't have a house to live in. The police come with Sally’s parents and they pay the man his money back so that Sally gets her cockatoo back. Her parents leant there lesson so did Sally. She put Pocket outside where he couldn't bite a thing or get in trouble.


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