Falcon's Big Mistake

It’s been a long time since I last saw a drop of human blood. The smell of it I have almost forgotten.

Falcon walked down the road with rain felling around him, thinking about the long time that he had been a vampire. Every one in his family were all vampires and a he was a prince of an entire world, he still had a lot of stuff to learn.

As he continued to think, he saw a girl standing on the side of the road waiting for her bus. Suddenly, Falcon's heart started to beat fast and his breathing became heavy.

As Rose turned around to look, she saw Falcon running away back into a near by alley way. Worried for him, she followed him.

As Falcon sat on a road near a pool of clear blue water, he heard foot steeps coming closer and closer. Before he could turn away, Rose come through one of the bushes near by.

"Are you alright?" she asked him as he ran to her and grabbed her shoulders tightly. She flinched in pain as she tried to get away but Falcon's grip held.

Falcon lend to her neck and bit hard. Rose screamed as blood flowed from the wound in her. As Falcon sucked the last of her blood, her eyes closed and she stopped breathing.

Shocked by what he just done, he dropped her lifeless body on the ground and ran as fast as he could away from her body.

How would he ever tell his family about what he had just done? Would some one find Rose's body? Only time would tell.

'What have I done?' he asked himself as he ran into his a house and out of site.

By Kara Oaklands