Entry NameStudentYear
My Brother Anvi Sharma 2020
Chocolate Anvi Sharma 2020
One More Day Esther Brown 2020
Moment’s Darkness Esther Brown 2020
It Was Over Omar Ghanem 2020
The Wind Resembles Me Amanda Lee 2020
Feathers Aarnav Sharma 2020
Friend Forever Ashlee Gunn 2020
Limerick Anvi Sharma 2020
The Worst Moment Of My Life Felicity Shaw 2019
Silly Things That Make Me Smile Aoling Zhang 2019
Dad Anvi Sharma 2019
Mum Anvi Sharma 2019
Moon (limerick) Anvi Sharma 2019
Relentless I Survive Nikkiyya Cooper-evans 2019
The Locket Chantelle Rennie 2019
The ANZAC's Zara Winters 2019
Fruit Of The Spirit Eleasha Emrith 2019
The Sun, The Moon And The Stars Tanish Krishna 2019
Homeless Zoe Arnett 2019
Spring Joy Mia Roscarel 2019
The Animals Feelings Haylee Ashford 2019
The Lonely Swing Jayla Apps 2019
Gallipoli - World War 1 Elizabeth Keyte 2019
Sky Georgina Andrew 2019
Climbing Trees Reagan Austin 2019
The Soulless Beauty Seth Lobley 2019
A Broken Heart Ruby McDermott 2019
In The Dead Of Night Annabelle Heal 2019
Teachers Pet Clair Schneider 2019
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