Entry NameAuthorYear
Never Zoe Fletcher 2018
I Didn’t Mean To Kill Her Haniya Adnan 2018
Small Town Jessie Tall 2018
The Monster Agustin Hardjawana 2018
Weg Youn Park 2018
Heart Of Hope Claire Stanley 2018
The Prank Jasmin Dilges 2018
Summer And Her New Friend Ebony Grey 2018
Mermaid Cave Tahlia Geddes 2018
Alan Louis Knight Tegan Knight 2018
The Stranger Lucas Rojas 2018
Peggy Takes Flight Alexander Rojas 2018
Fire, FIRE Matilda Handbury 2018
Summer Of ‘46 Imogen Hope 2018
Finding Place Olivia Mintern 2018
The Inbetween Jackson Jay 2018
Everything Will Change Hayley Miller 2018
Dear Diary Madeline Joyce 2018
A Reconaissance Mission George Hales 2018
The Lost Dog George Gill 2018
Stranded At Sea Jasmine Ilijoski 2018
The Rainbow Unicorn Puker! Julie Nguyen 2018
The Virtual World Hendrix Speziale 2018
Wilson The Coconut Nicole Ioane 2018
The Inventor Georgia Finlayson 2018
The Castle Witch Leila Whittle 2018
Teddy Tower Indiana Whittle 2018
The Shimmy Shine Water Board Fun Kailyn Riley 2018
The Prince And His Brothers Lilly Burns 2018
True Friends Jamie Milton 2018
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