Entry NameStudentYear
The Man Jessica Innes 2020
Wish Upon A Star Ella Gill 2020
No One Will Tell. Alliyah Daley 2019
The Cutest Bunny Ever (not) Wania Sohaib 2019
Bullies Strike Again Maddison Thomson 2019
Until We Meet Again! Alliyah Daley 2019
On The Run Portia Rossini 2019
The Day My Legs Controlled Themselves Sebastian Retamal 2019
The Emerald Frogs Paul Suriano 2019
Half Hidden Lily Quigley 2019
Britney And The Case Of The Missing Parents Tabitha Allen 2019
The Terrific Time Travelling Team Lucas Paccanaro 2019
War With The Vampires Emma B 2019
The Big Hollow Tree Niamh Burke 2019
The Opposite World Charlize Gangemi 2019
The Broken Phone Cecilia Taylor 2019
Han And The Bees Aaron Keshavarz 2019
Equality Matters Sanjana Naresh 2019
Untitled Emily Bergmen 2019
The Laugh Crish Patel 2019
School Camp Samira Belhag 2019
The Start Of The Beginning Brody-Lee Lander 2019
The Monster Runner Jayden-Lee Cafe 2019
Slaughter House Riley Byrne 2019
The Incident Lochie Edwards 2019
The Bad Storm Zoƫ McNall 2019
The Horse That Chose Me Lola Waller 2019
The Phantom In My House! Sophia Hodgkin 2019
Emily Rodgers - The Case Of The Stolen Dinosaur Bone Keida Voorden 2019
My Fairies Lyra Voorden 2019
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