Entry NameStudentYear
Lost Friends, Year 4 Jordan Cook 2021
The Immortals Myth, Year 5 Jordan Cook 2021
'Little Boy' Grace Greenwood 2020
A Scary Day Julia (jiaxin) Guo 2020
Sports Star Gagandeep Kaur 2020
The Kid Who Had Bad Luck Ryan El Chiriti 2020
Prison Breakout Harsil Ponvel 2020
To Get Better And Better Joshua Widjaja 2020
Fire Flames Madeleine West 2020
My Autistic Sister Charlie Sheehan 2020
Black Bird Thomas Kaszubski 2020
Kylie In The Land Of Dreams Maleah Letelier 2020
The Traumatized Girl Ankita Das 2020
The Creepy House Nicolas Gilham 2020
The Popped Up Gang Archie Stokie 2020
Super Fingers Sidekick Pinky Naomi Weerarathne 2020
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Archer Von Schill 2020
The White Fox Rosemary Baker 2020
Sunshine Annabelle Pearson 2020
Jazmin Vs Jayden Zahli Robins 2020
The Man Inside Our House Shaylee Glover 2020
Mario Bros 1 Blade Polden 2020
Sad Story Lillian Mackrell 2020
Super Heroes Jack Wombwell 2020
My Imaginary Superhero Samuel Patton 2020
Road To Recovery Georgia Taylor 2020
My Dream Emily Eastman 2020
The Most Boring Day Of My Life Matilda Thompson 2020
My Boring Day Indi Longhurst 2020
The Most Boring Day Of My Life Rankin Cleary 2020
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