Entry NameAuthorYear
Life Yusira Nishimwe 2019
Elizabeth Learns Not To Steal Rawan Hamieh 2019
Midnight Anastasija Gracievski 2019
Then Milla Guglielmino 2019
I Think I Need A Lie Down Tom Fitzsimons 2019
The Memory Loss Michael Goumas 2019
The Box Jaden Gargya 2019
Stranger Times: Double Trouble Kade Vaughan 2019
Cynthia Alexia Carmichael 2019
The Underwater Disaster Kira O'shea 2019
Never Easy Maisie Sutherland 2019
Elise Emma Goorevich 2019
Dream Of Legend Jack Bell 2019
Cageland Alexander Bevis 2019
It’s Getting Late Sumogo Ambolo 2019
The Photo Frame Layelle Etri 2019
The Falling Victim Burke Seeley 2019
Jail Time Thomas Moore 2019
2020 Guinness World Records Harriett Whiteacre 2019
Time Traveller Tatenda Daka 2019
The Tragey Of Explorer 64 Tristan Karl Faulwetter 2019
The Tragic Assassin. Declan Thomas 2019
The Typewriter Ariel Reeves 2019
Wait, What? Elina Banerji 2019
The Stone Of Woe Hamid Nehme 2019
The Bacon Games Melody Kelly 2019
She Was Gone Sarah Price-walkley 2019
Crisp Joelle Sassine 2019
The Consequence Of Truth Mayela Dayeh 2019
Loneliness Erin Farrell 2019
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