Entry NameAuthorYear
Alien Planet Jacob Fels 2018
Silk Scarf Isata Yansaneh-harleston 2018
The Quizzer Holly Stamm 2018
Brother Mehakpreet Kaur 2018
The Art Of Sacrifice James Biddle 2018
Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure Caitlin Mcgregor 2018
Enfina Kayla Gray 2018
Mr Failer Zihan Jin 2018
The Mad Pencil Maggie Le 2017
The Big Fight Asha Gibbs 2017
Doctor Hysteria's Magic Mirror Maze Otia Wynyard Thompson 2017
Space Adventure Allegra Gregory 2017
The Sheepish Shark Prarthana Kripalani 2017
Queen Evie Van Wijk 2017
In The Long Run Caitlyn Coutts-Smith 2017
The New House Jake Knight 2017
Black Saturday Lily Maxwell 2017
Gold Mackenzie Jones 2017
Venice At Midnight Miranda Davis 2017
The Perfect 10 Samantha Tuckey 2017
My Life In Hell Charlie Atkinson 2017
In Space Harrison Foster 2017
Little Me Harry Forbes 2017
Lily The Lost Dog Samantha Curran 2017
The Weird Nightmare Bailey Beecher 2017
ANZAC Alannah Deacon 2017
The Mystery Egg Maddison Williams 2017
The Invention Oli McColl 2017
Loca The Pug Cody Karrer 2017
Stephanie's Fantastic Journey! Stephanie Sweetman 2017
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