Entry NameAuthorYear
Janitorial Duties Panagiotis Skapetis 2019
The Turtle In The Whitsundays Natalie Stuchbree 2019
The Ghost Of Half Dead Joe Cooper Rowbottom 2019
The Ghost Of Half Dead Joe Cooper Rowbottom 2019
The Song Of Sorrow Sienna Rahme 2019
The Lone President Ella Gill 2019
Emotionless Ella Gill 2019
Sky Of Tears Ella Gill 2019
Number 18 Charlotte Bailey 2019
October 13th 1999 Lily Dunnachie 2019
The Lives We Lead Jamie Smithies 2019
Worst Possible World Event Bavanuja Kugachanthiran 2019
The Colourless Man Khadeeja Wasif 2019
Oasis Kitty Cat 2019
Eyes Katie Brill 2019
No Ordinary Chook Part 2 Haylee Griffin 2019
The Abandoned House Of Orphans Jaida Issa 2019
Unexpected Snehin Talusani 2019
Hazel’s Big Day Amelie Lane-glover 2019
The Slaining Chase Issa 2019
Forever Jaiman Godla 2019
Aria's Story Jaida Upfal 2019
A Day Unlike Any Other Olivia Giannopoulos 2019
Lost Jeewani Fernando 2019
Rosebloom's Calf Terese Daley 2019
Betrayal Olivia Rowcliffe 2019
Evander Stryde Amelie Rohweder 2019
What Am I? Madeleine Pearson 2019
The Robbery Humza Hussain 2019
Empty Void Of A World Pace McGowan 2018
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