Jack Schnieder my Grandpa
We have long missed you
Your Weather beaten Face,
Your infectious Smile,
Its been a while,
Since we last saw you.
You were a Farmer all your life,
Even with boughs in your legs,
From all the Horse riding you did.
A dairy Farmer all your Life.
On the Manning River,
You were always up there,
Every holidays you would take me,
I would help you work it,
It did me well,
Kept me fit and out of trouble.
We all miss you.
You were well known around Taree,
They packed the little church for your Funeral.
There wasnt a dry eye in the Church.
When we wheeled you out we could hardly move due to the amount of people outside.
The convoy went for miles.
We had to wait for 20 minutes for everyone to get there.
We had to sell the Farm.
I didn't want to.
We all miss you
We will always love you,
Wherever you are we will always miss you,
Look after yourself Grandpa.


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