Fairytale Fun In The TV

Fairytale Fun In The TV

One very exciting day, four extremely talented, optimistic children woke up feeling super. These four extremely talented, optimistic children’s names were Tara, Ayla, Oscar and Ryan. Bounding down the stairs, they yelled to their mum, “Mum, can we watch television while we’re eating breakfast? Billy-Bob and the Superheroes are on at 9:30!” “Sure! Just don’t spill your Coco Pops on the brand new carpet!” replied their mum, bringing over their breakfast bowls one by one. They jumped onto the black, leather couch, switched on the humongous TV and ate their breakfast. Then, instead of Billy-Bob and the Superheroes, the screen turned blank and they felt a tingly feeling as they got sucked into the television.

The ground was soft with marshmallow cushions and the trees were rainbow lollipops. The sky was purple with candy floss clouds, and the rivers that flowed past lively were a deep, dark caramel chocolate colour. The tiny acorns were used as boats for the elves in this new land, which the children thought they would live in for the rest of their lives. Until they saw a rather big monster coming towards them. He was six feet tall, wore a green vest with denim pants that ended at the tip of his ankles. The petrified kids walked backwards as the monster, which clearly had brussels sprouts hanging off every part of his body, except for his face, came closer and closer. The Brussels Sprouts Monster yelled out, “I will destroy all who wish to interfere with my plan to turn the world into a big, fat, green, yummy brussels spout!” “Oh no!” exclaimed the children. They heard a loud horn noise from the distance and followed it. At the end, right in front of them was Billy-Bob and the Superheroes! “We’ll help you!” they said. They gave Tara some magic water, Ayla some fairy dust, Oscar some cups and Ryan some napkins. The four children mixed the magic water with the fairy dust and poured it into the cups. “Thank you and goodbye!” said the kids.

Outside, everything was made out of brussels sprouts. The kids dabbed the mixture here and there. Soon, the world was back to normal and the Brussels Sprouts Monster was gone. Let’s just say he didn’t like his brussels sprouts being destroyed. The four talented, optimistic children were sent back home peacefully and unharmed. “What’s for dinner mum?” they asked. “Brussels sprouts!” “OH NO!”

By Niamh Bourke 5R


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