Her bright eyes were glistening in the dark, reflecting the moonlight. Her beautiful black hair was dangling back and forth in the darkness. She was out of breath. Her chest felt like bursting, but she kept on running further into the forest, which she thought was where nobody would see her in the dark. She didn't dare to look back.

Her legs were tired and heavy. The pain was terrible. But she kept on running. Her bare feet were kicking the sharp rocks, scraping her skin off. The tall trees seemed to move and form a never ending maze, trapping her forever. She reached the lake and with a sudden jump she was in icy cold water a moment later.

She swam as fast as she can, determined to escape. Her jacket and jeans were filled with freezing water, and the cold wind was blowing her wet hair, covering her face. Her injured feet were bleeding in the icy cold water. Every single breath she took was a gasp. The moon faded as darkness took over her. She was suddenly trapped in a sea of darkness and pain.

She reached the shore and started walking on the golden sand. It was a silent night on the other side of the lake, the calm wind blew past the trees and out to the lake, the only sound came from the waves washing onto shore and back off again. She took a few steps and collasped to the ground. Her last thought was... Freedom. She put a final grin on her face and then fell into a deep sleep.

The darkness had cleared. It was a beautiful day, with the wind blowing evenly and the waves washing steadly. The bright sunlight shone on her, but see never woke up ever again.


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