I Got Caught

I heard screeching of cars outside. I was just shutting down my computer when the door at the front of house nearly burst off its hinges. Police were everywhere. There was nowhere to hide. I was going to jail.
I was selling illegal software on a website, software that no one knew about except the police. I got thousands of dollars by selling the software. It was great. I could buy whatever things people dream to get, until a snitch told the police about me.
Jail was terrible. Everything was mouldy. I so badly wanted to escape. The time was nearing I had been here for 3 months. I knew every nook and cranny there was. I was going to escape while going to the yard. I hated it in the yard. Everything was rusty. The weights, basketball hoops and the fence were rusty.
Today was the day I was going to escape, I was in the pipes when the alarm went off. I stopped dead in my tracks.
There were people everywhere. I sprinted, got out, then ran. I sneaked past the guards. I got past the gate. I was home free! Just then the guards appeared out of nowhere but missed me. When I got home they never found me again.