Fairy Tales

The bells chimed gently in the cold air. They shone in the moonlight and tinkled as she moved. She moved as lightly as the breeze which tickled the petals of the flowers. Her pale skin and fair hair shone in the moon light, giving the impression she was glowing. Her dainty, slippered feet barely touched the ground. Her dress, as smooth and light as silk, flowed with her as she moved. Her silvery wings sparkled in the moon beams.
A light scent of flowers filled the air and she smiled. She continued to dance until the stars began to fade and the sun shone its first rays over the horizon.
She shivered, she was damp with dew. The dew on her wings caught the morning sun and they shone all colours of the rainbow. She flapped her wings, spraying dew in all directions, and flew into the air. Her wings flapped fast, her body swayed, and her feet skimmed the grass. Dew sprayed and she laughed.
She headed for a rose bush and landed lightly on a rose. She touched down very gently. She was tired and curled up for a few hours sleep. It was very soft and warm in there. The rose petals were soft and silky, and in the middle there was just enough room for a small fairy.
When she awoke, the sun had reached its zenith. The dew on her had dried, and in the rose, the air was stifling hot. She flapped her wings. One of them was slightly crumpled, so she flapped it a few more times and it straightened.
She took off, flew into the air, spun high and then dived. Her wings were very straight now and they sparkled like glitter. Her eyes sparkled like her wings and they were the colour of the ocean. Her dress flapped lightly at her legs. Her hair shone the colour of spun gold. She was beautiful.
Lavender swayed in the gentle breeze, sending its fragrance around the garden. Roses in varying shades of red, pink, white and yellow moved lightly, letting the bees tickle their petals. The petals on the sunflowers were the same colour as rays of sunlight and snail creepers crept their way up arches and posts.
She fluttered high into the air, landing on top of a creeper-covered arch. She danced a few steps to the right, and then to the left. She slid down the arch, fluttering into the air before it went vertical. She landed carefully on the leaf of a sun flower.
She sat and listened to the bird song, coming from a tree across the road, and a wave of lavender fragrance washed over her. Bright colours surrounded her, and she watched as the flowers danced to the breeze. Before long she joined them, hopping from one leaf to another, swaying in the breeze, as graceful as a ballerina and as light as a feather.


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