Earn The Dingo Saves The Day

“Help”! cried Bossy the Kangaroo while drowning in the river. When Earn the dingo save him then he flew away without a sound. When Sera the owner came.

She said,’ Earn where have you been ?, father and I had a surprise for you in the house.’ It was a Aussie sauna. He ate three pieces of chocolate cake when, ‘’Help’’!! He quickly went flying of the house.

When it was Trolly the echidna ,’’ Bang! Grrrr!’ ‘’there is something in side my house’’ I quickly checked what ever it was the it was a giant worm dinosaur came out. I quickly used my eyes to lazer him then II use the three ducky eyed cable and ZAP!! It zapped it hard.

‘’Thank you Earn the Dingo you’re my hero’’! I went back to the sauna. He went in the warm water. When the owner came Earn was surprised 2 big 1 meter chocolate bar. She said, ‘’This is for you saying thank you’’

Earn said nothing and ate all in 2 seconds. When evil koala got Earn and try to take all his power. Earn use lazer eyes. That didn’t work when a net got him. Evil koala took him to his lab when Earn use bark howl when everything was broken he got his power back. He saw Evil koala. He use fire spin and lazer.

He killed him when “HELLLLLLPPPPP!!!” everyone was screaming and shouting help.
He saw the harbour bridge was falling in half. He grabbed it by his strong arm. Then used lazer eyes then he saved the world.
Then he got a ability to speak. ”Happy” he spoke out loud. Everyone was happy.
He went back to owner and she hugged him. He was so happy. He loved adventure and a lot of stuff But most of all people being safe.



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