Halloween Special

Halloween special
It was 8:00 am when I woke up. Just then I came up with a schedule.

10:00 go to the haunted house.
11:00 exit haunted house.
11:30 toilet paper the old folk’s home.
12:00 egg MR Gilmore’s house.
12.30 Eat toasted eye balls.
1:00 go home and watch horror movies.
5:00 go trick or treating.
8:00 eat evil potatoes and scary pumpkin faces for dinner.
10:00 go back to sleep

After that I woke Kale, Jack and Brody up and we all had breakfast.
When we finished it was 9:30 so we quickly got dressed and got in the car and left for the haunted house. When we got in there we had to pay $40 dollars each. First we went through the knife alley, the we swam in the lake of blood and lastly we sprinted through the chainsaw alley.

Than I looked at the schedule and we had to go the old folks home. Dad went to get some toilet paper and we were off. At the end of it we went through 30 rolls of toilet paper. After that we went to the shops to get 50 dozens of eggs so we can egg MR GILMORES house. When we egged Mr Gilmores house nobody could se through the windows. At 12.30 we went and got some toasted eyeballs for lunch. By then it was already 1:00 so we headed for home and watched horror movies.

At around 5:00 kale, Brody, jack and I went trick or treating. By the time we finished it was dinner time. For dinner we ate evil potatoes and scary pumpkin faces. Later that night we got ready for bed but before we did we watched Friday the 13th. At 10:00 we went to bed.


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