A Boy Called Bill

A young boy named
Bill once killed a
Cockatoo. A big,
Dark feathered,
Energetic cockatoo. His
Father was very disappointed, so he chucked it in the
Garbage. His dad
Howled at him for killing
It. Then his dad took away his
Juice Box. Bill heard a strange noise up in the tree. It was a
Kookaburra, and it was
Laughing at him! Bill got very angry. His
Mother came out of the house carrying a big bowl of
Noodles (Bill loves noodles), and told him that it was
Ok, and that the
Press and the almighty
Queen wouldn’t have to be informed. Bill was so
Relieved, so he promised his mother that
Something like
This would never happen again. His mother let him clean out
Under the sink to forgive himself. His sister was going to
Visit the zoo, and Bill and their mother
Went with her. They had just arrived when they bumped into Bill’s friend
Xavier and his parents. They told them they had just seen the
Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies and the
Zebras. Bill loves zebras.