Fairies Are

Fairies are creatures, not big but small, they are so tiny you can hardly see them at all, lets start from the start, beginning to end, of your many different fairy friends,
for starts you have the starlight fairy, dressed in midnight blue, she comes at night to visit and talk to you, then you have the sunlight fairy, dressed in canary yellow, she dances on the flowers in the yellow lane meadows, next in line is the spring fairy dressed in mossy green,
she comes in spring and makes thew flowers gleam, the summer fairy dresses in bright gold, she makes the sun shine brightly everywhere you can see, next it is the winter fairy dressed like snow white, you never see her in winter because she blends in with the snow, then we have the Autumn fairy dressed in brown and gold, she comes in Autumn and makes the leaves fall off, I guess that finishesmy poem about fairies, so remember faries are with us forever.


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