At night i look into the sky,
And as the time goes rushing by,
i sit and wish and hope and think,
Just searching for that missing link.
Without it i am meaningless,
Without it i'm just emptyness.
Tonight iss different, my luck will turn,
As i laugh and watch my own world burn.
Through the smoke i see a light,
Only your smile could be that bright.
I hear your voice, it calls to me,
I come running and you set me free.
I am now in a world of beauty and desire,
The birds all sing to me, they are my constant choir.
It feels so good to be free of my pain,
And over this peaceful kingdom, i have the power to reign.
The stars i once looked up to, are at my gracious feet,
i'll be happy as i wait here, untill once again, we meet.


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