I Don't Believe In UFO's

I didn’t believe in UFO’s or aliens or any other ‘ out of space’ creature, in fact I was a non-believer. But all that changed last Thursday night. It was just after midnight and I was driving east along the Blackland Valley Rd when my car started shaking and the trees were blowing furiously Then it all stopped . I saw a misshaped object in the sky. I couldn't see anyone around me. So I started my car and I drove as fast as I could.

I wasn't being very careful, instead and I got pulled over by the cops. They just wouldn't listen to me I tried telling them but they wouldn't believe me at all. After a while they let me go. But they just had to give me a ticket. I drove closer and closer to the object, then I got a phone call. It was bad news my dad had just been in a car accident. I had to rush to the hospital as quickly as I could , luckily he was ok. I thought he would be the person that would believe in me, but he let me down.

When I left the hospital it was morning. I tried to start my car it wouldn't work, I had to run. When I got there I was out of breath. When I looked up I saw the object again. It was further away than last time so I kept trying to run. It was very difficult, but I had to do it to prove everyone wrong. When I got there I only just made it. I looked up, I saw it. It was right above my head and then and then. I realised something it wasn't a UFO, it was a lenticular cloud.

I felt quite silly for thinking they were real, but I do know a few people how do and I respect that. I'm just not one of those people. And the trees it was just a storm near by. I apologised to my dad and paid my ticket. But I did learn something during those couple of days that there is a cloud called a lenticular cloud. And something else, that make sure you think before you say a thing.