I sit in a shower, every crack is taped up so no water can escape, there is a plastic covering over the plug, the water is rising... and I am sitting on the floor of the shower crying, thinking about the wreck of my life. I have been bullied for so long, I just can't take it. I have had a crush on a girl called Syndi for so long and when i finally get the courage to ask her she says horrible things to me. I could never have imagined something so ugly come from something so beautiful. Never judge a girl by her cover. Now I have had enough of being the but of everyone’s jokes. The water is up to my neck. I almost smile as it rises above my mouth. I take a breath of water and choke. I repeat three times and then I see my life go by me, I see happy, happy times but then the horrible times; getting beaten up, teased and humiliated. This flash back makes me think how much this is a good idea but then I hear a voice. Sydni, she says she was wrong but it is too late for me. Suddenly I am in a place of snow and I am back in the ski trip i had three years ago. Accept my family that I went with is not there. The family of mine that has died in the past is there and welcome me. They ask why my tears are poring and then I say "I was wrong."