Sally The Jeannie...


Once upon a time in a land not to far away there was a girl called Sally. Sally was far from normal in fact she was a Jeannie. Sally went round granting everyone’s wishes. Until someone wished for a pony, Sally was not allowed to grant such a wish. So she said go get your parent’s permission. Of corse the little girl did not go and get her parents approval. Instead went to her grandmother for advice and this is what her grandmother said “You need to ask for your mother’s approval”. “Oh but I know she won’t let me. “GO ASK YOUR MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!”Ok ok I’ll ask her just don’t get your knickers in a knot.” So the little girl went to ask her mother.”NOO” screamed her mother. “YOU NEVER LET ME HAVE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She yelled sobbing.” I HATE YOU! YOU’RE THE WORST MOTHER EVER! I’M GETTING THAT HORSE I’LL JUST TELL SALLY YOU SIAD OK!!!!!!!!!!”. “ Sally my mum said ok.” “ Fine but first I would like to ask her myself just in case. People have lied to me before. NOOOOO. Fine my mum said no ok just grant me this one wish so I can get back at my mum.” “I’m sorry I can’t I just can’t.” “PLEASE I will never ask for any thing again please. I CAN’T. Listen to me I can’t do that. Look if it makes you happy I will give you a puppy ok. NO I WANT A HORSE NOW!”No it’s a puppy or nothing you are not getting a pony or horse. Unless your mum says you can. Hmm I might know someone that will keep one for you she is an old friend of mine I haven’t spoke to her in a while but I think it’s about time I did though. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind she already has asked me for 100,000 horses and her mum said yes.” “Fine I’ll ask your stupid friend to take care of a horse for me, but I want a dog for at home.” “ Fine you may have a dog at home .Hi my friend said she would take care of a horse for you .Rember to visit her every weekend goodbye.” 1 2 3 blink. Neigh neigh.

The End.


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