Baby Dolls

I love baby dolls because they are so cute and come with amazing accessories.
They are cute because all baby dolls have chubby faces, cute clothes and they come with amazing accessories for example some food, some drinks and some toys.
My favourite baby doll is one I got for my sister’s birthday. She is my favourite toy. Now I am going to describe her. She comes with a twin sister who is also adorable. She is my favourite baby doll because she is my chubbiest and my newest baby doll.
Things we did firstly my family went to four or five shops we got lots of amazing things and got one or two or more things for our friends we had a special dinner in the car but in the middle of it we had to get out and go to another shop. The day after that we went to my sister’s friend’s birthday party over there we opened presents, played with the new things she got, played on their slide and I took care of her. The next week it was my sister’s party at Featherdale Wildlife Park we saw lots of animals for example a koala, a cassowary, a wallaby, a dingo puppy, a frog mouth bird, a penguin, a duck and more but I forgot we also had food and after that we were allowed to do whatever we wanted to do. When it was time to leave the party we had to go with our grandmother in the car I was very content sitting in the back there was water, chips, jackets and left over things from the party. When we got home we got settled and opened presents. What I do with my favourite baby dolls: I hug them, I love them, I put them in a pram, I play teachers and I play doctors with her. I play picnic and I put her in a pouch and I sometimes play going to the shops with her and I play mums and dads with her too. She is so pretty that I drew a picture of her in my diary. I also have other favourite baby dolls that I would like to describe to you they are very chubby. I like to get baby dolls that come with accessories and that are very chubby. For my sister’s birthday I also got little toy teddy bears with little costumes for example a snowman a, witch a, banana and the earth. These are some of the other toys my dad got us they were three toy beans and a dinosaur for my sister and my brother got Shrek toys that can fly. I like to dress my baby dolls in different outfits that are fashionable to me for example tight jeans and a light brown t-shirt and black boots or a light pink dress I also like baby dolls that come with accessories for example a bottle of milk and a toy.