Daisy's Rescue

One ordinary morning, Ryan the orphan was having breakfast with his Labrador, Daisy. Since his parents had disappeared he lived in his parents’ house. Suddenly, someone bashed the door open and grabbed Ryan. The person bolted out of the door with him and rushed off on his motorbike.
In a blink of an eye, Daisy shot out of the door and chased after him – and just in time! Daisy was trained, fast and fleet but could she catch up to a motorbike? She was using every piece of energy she had. Finally she caught up to the motorbike and the kidnapper was heading towards a street that hardly any people used. “Why would he go into this street?” Daisy thought to herself. “There’s hardly anything in there.” But there was something down that street.
It was an old laboratory. At least it looked old on the outside, but when Daisy went in the lab… Everything inside was shiny and new. There were strange and complex machines, gears, and 3 pairs of handcuffs. “Why would he need 3?” Daisy asked herself. “I know that one’s for Ryan,” She shivered. “But what about the other 2?” She hid behind a machine. It said INVISIBILITY MACHINE. MAKES THINGS INVISIBLE. BY DR JAMINSON. “Weird name!” thought Daisy. She shook herself, trying to tell herself to get back to work. “I’m supposed to help Ryan!” Daisy said angrily to herself. “Not think about other things!” So she tried and tried to create an idea.
Suddenly her eyes lit up. She could take a rope, put it in the so-called ‘Invisibility Machine’, and hook it up in a suitable place, and then the kidnapper would trip over, and then Daisy could rescue Ryan! “Perfect… but I’ll have to be fast.” Daisy thought. Would she take the risk? Yes she would. Apparently she would do any thing to save Ryan. “I can do this, I can do this…” She said and shook herself for the second time. “Enough pep talk, more action!” Daisy grabbed a rope, put it cautiously and carefully inside the technical gadget. She took it carefully in her teeth and tried to find a right spot. It wasn’t long until she found a nice spot between the two hooks, which were for hanging clothes. Could Daisy reach? She could, if she stood on her hind legs but she had to stay out of sight.
Could she? Maybe. Daisy took the chance and as quickly and delicately as she could possibly do, she hooked the rope up. To her absolute relief, the wicked kidnapper didn’t notice, he was so wrapped up in Ryan. “I’ll have you handcuffed any minute now.” He was saying to Ryan. Ryan was scared – not just scared – terrified! He was tied up in with a strong rope. Daisy had chosen the perfect spot just between where Ryan and the kidnapper toppled. That was enough for Ryan. He used his mobile to call the police and they handcuffed Dr Jamison.