Fall Of God

When the people lose faith in God, God starts to fall or so said the prophet Sonadol. Whether you believe this or not is up to you but there have been signs that this is true. My name is Jacob and in my opinion his statement is true. I believe that people are starting to loose faith since the world has started to change, scientists call it climate change but it is the devil taking over since god has started to fall!!

My name is Jacob and it is my duty to stop man from losing faith in God. Each week I have tried to increase mans faith but to many have already lost faith thus I fear that the end is upon us and that only those that still hold faith will be speared the horror of hell. I wish that man would listen but too many have taken the path on Science thus the world is domed.

It has been to many weeks since I failed to give man back the faith that god needs to survive. I now fear that I’m losing my own faith and that I will have to kill myself before I lose all of my faith so that I’m still allowed to enter gods holy embrace.

I just can’t do it. I wanted to kill myself since yesterday but I can’t do it there is so much in life that I wanted to do and if my must give up my place in gods embrace to do those things than so be it. I will give up god so that I can live my life!

God has fallen because I have lost my faith all the water has risen and I have taken shelter inside an apartment so that I don’t drown. They say on the news that there are helicopters coming to rescue us and to take us to a wall city that is built on an island that man created for this exact reason. I think I had it all wrong, God thought that he didn’t need man so he turned his back on us but by the time he realised that he did need us it was to late man had turned away from god just as he had turned away from man.

By Damien Marshall