It was Sager season, with the cool dry south-easterly, when the red throated frigate birds can be heard. I knew that it was Sager season. I could hear the red throated frigate birds chirping like babies screaming.

Anthony’s smile is like the beautiful sunshine. Anthony is wearing his favourite clothes. His hair is black and his eyes are like the blue sea. His skin is like a cappuccino. Courtney’s skin is light brown. Her hair is black too. Courtney is wearing her favourite dress.

One day when they were walking, they walked into a trap. As soon as they were in the trap for one second they were shivering with fear. They felt fearful and scared. They could hear someone yelling, “Anthony! Courtney!”
The kids yelled, “Over here!” The parents found the kids.

Anthony and Courtney felt extremely happy to be safe.

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