Race And Disgrace.

“Get outta here you slanty eyed git!” Bradley, the town larrikin screamed. He hated us. He told everyone we were from the land of monkeys'. I, Tanh can't understand why he wanted us to feel out of place, lost in a country of freedom.
“we hate your jokes, Bradley, they offend me and my family. Please stop with these disgraceful remarks.” I said in a cool, calm and collected voice.
“why? The people love me, and you're insulting me witht the fact you don't like my jokes.” he replied with this snide comment.
Dispicable, I thought. Why would one man want to make my family feel excluded, from another world? It just showed how racially motivated sydney was. I used to walk down to the corner shop every Wednesday, and buy our groceries at 4:30. The people made Wednesday late night shopping. They then changed it to Thursday. Every other day I work at the factories until 9:30. I told them this and they wouldn't change it. I now do online shopping so I can't miss a week of groceries and make my children eat what was left in the cupboards.
I've had enough. I must make a stand for my family.
I marched up to his house at dawn on Monday, I took the day off work ot do so.
“Bradley, we ned to talk!” I yelled trying to break the sound coming from the stereo.
“what do you want?” He replied.
“I want to make peace, and the jokes to stop.”I said.
“Why not?”
“Because you need to leave my country. Get it? You're not Aussie, you're worth no more than dirt to me. I don't want you and your family of monkeys' here! Get out!”He laughed and shut the door in my face. I was happy. I finally got him. He had just been driven by racism and I got it all recorded. Next step- ELIMINATION.
I walked into the ACA building, feeling unstoppable.
“You have exactly what we need.”The reporter said. “I'll need your statement. This is gonna' be big!”
I left that building feeling just as I walked in there.
It was put on live TV and Bradley was arrested for racial discrimination. I was pleased with the outcome. My family are now safe and sound in QLD. Never win an asian be disgraced for his race.


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