Daddy, where are you going?
Why are you saying goodbye?
Why is mummy crying?
Why are there tears in her eyes?

Daddy why have you left us?
Mummy needs you here?
She always looks at your picture?
She really needs you near

Daddy why do bombs fall?
Why do the sirens scream?
Why do we have a shelter?
It must be a bad dream

Daddy I’m so lonely
All my friends have gone
Mummy says I need to smile
She says I look forlorn

Daddy where are you?
I promise not tell
I really, really want to know
I hope you’re safe and well

Daddy, I beg you to come home
I’m very, very scared
Mummy was hurt by a bomb
I used to think you cared

Daddy I know you’ve gone to war
Mummy told me why
And before she passed away
She told me not to cry

Daddy I’ve given up on you
Have you given up on me?
I don’t want to be an orphan
What will the future be?

Daddy, are you in heaven now?
I know that mummy’s there
Please send an angel down
So I know somebody cares.

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