A Book Of Life

A Book of Life

The ice was starting to melt. The end of winter was nearing. The crisp winter mornings were growing less cold. But they were still cold all the same. Rose sat inside, reading a book she’d already read at least four times. To Rose books never grew old. But today Rose was finding it hard to concentrate. Her usual eagerness wasn’t there. She turned each glossy page, growing less and less interested. She paid no attention to the little black and white pictures or the fancy lettering. Suddenly she read something that made her heart lurch. “What?” She said aloud to herself. Rose was confused. She’d read the book many times and she’d never read this part before.
The world around Rose dissolved. Everything went black for a moment. Then a completely different scene appeared. She was on the top of a hill in the middle of summer. She gasped. This was the scene from her book! The main character of the book appeared on the next hill over from her. He raced over to Rose. “Where did you come from?” James queried.
“Where are we?” Rose asked curiously. “And how did we get here?”
“We’re on Summer Mountain Range. It’s always summer here, never any other season. Right now I’m off to see the Winter Witch. My parents have decided to live here, but it’s my birthday in winter; I don’t want to miss my birthday.” James replied.
“I know that, but in the book, you went to see the old lady from Golden Peak to fix it,” Rose told him.
“Book?” he asked.
“The book we’re in right now!” Rose answered with exasperation.
“Once I heard the old crackpot from the castle go on about some book; perhaps if we pay him a visit he’ll sort this out,” James stated.
Two hours later they arrived at the castle, exhausted. They knocked three times with the fancy old style knocker. The old man answered almost straight away.
“Ah, I wondered when you two would come. Come in and take a seat,” he said.
The first thing Rose noticed when she went inside was that the old man had a copy of the book they were in. And suddenly it hit her, she recognised him! He was the author of the book. The old man stumbled back and the book fell to the floor. The book opened to a page just like the one in her copy. The only difference was that this copy had been written all over.
“You changed the book!” Rose accused.
He sighed and picked up the book. He sat down and began to cross out all the extra writing. James disappeared.
“Where did James go?” she asked in amazement.
“He’s gone to wherever he should be right now in the book,” he replied. “And speaking of where people should be, I think it’s time you returned home.” He said. And in an instant Rose was home again.
Even though she was back in the same point in time, it was much warmer and the first rays of summer were peaking through.

Tia Herberts 11
Year 7 St Patricks Primary School Gympie
35 Alfred Street Gympie 4570


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