Queen Of The Nile


Many, many years ago in Egypt lived a beautiful queen called Cleopatra. She was smart, clever and rich and everyone adored her charm and sweet voice. Every time she sailed down the Nile people stopped and stared at her barge glittering in the hot sun.

One day Cleopatra was in her chamber with her trusty servants Charmion and Iras combing her dark black hair and painting her nails red then had a milk bath to soften her skin. Soon she went to a splendid banquet. Food was spread out on a long table where rich people sat chatting and eating. When Cleopatra stepped into banquet everyone worshipped her like a god. She sat down straight away and got served the finest food and wines she could have ever had.

Performers danced around her singing sweet songs to her which she enjoyed listening to. Then Mark Antony a fine young general who Cleopatra knew very well. He sat next to her and they chat and danced the night away.

Soon morning came and Cleopatra retired to bed to get some sleep. Then later that day Cleopatra woke up feeling much better she sat on a long golden couch eating grape after grape listening to the harp which one of her servants were playing. Then later that night she met up with Antony and they went to another banquet which was their nightly habit. They met up with a few friends of Antony’s. They went to a beautiful place by the Nile where Cleopatra loved to go. They ate turkey, fruit and white wine soon Antony followed her home and they sat outside alone and then one of Cleopatra’s cats came out and sat on her lap playing with her loose golden bracelet which Cleopatra was wearing on her wrist. She laughed as the cat meowed loudly. Antony soon fell in love with Cleopatra and so did she. Then they got married and had three children, including Cleopatra’s son from Caesar. They lived happily ever after for now.

Amy-Louise Cain