Jades Dream

Jades dream is to be a teacher it is her biggest dream ever. So one day she went to a school and asked for a job and she had a job so the next day she went to her job at the school that was called Westerway primary school and all the kids there were every nice so had that job for about ten years then she had to leave because all the kids there were very bad and mean. so jade got a job at Maydena primary school and all the kids there were very very nice. so she had that job for about 20 years then she died. The her kid was a teacher for 30 years then died. Then her kid was a teacher for 10 years then died. Then her kids were a teacher and then they had kids and then her kids were a Nan and mum and then they were a teacher then her kids were actors and they were scienceist and their kids were a car salesmen and her kids were died when they were born because it was a busy life for their mother and her kids had kids then they all DIED.
Yasmine said “wow look at our fan mail most of it’s for me and cool Kat” which is jade by the way.
Then one day they want for a walk then they got in a fight with Sophie the ugly girl she had one ugly mum and dad and two ugly sisters and one very very very ugly her mums name is Cheyenne and her dads name is Luke her first sisters name is ebony and her other sisters name is Makayla and her ugly brothers name is Cody so she had a pretty ugly family .


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