There was once a place called Zombieland. Apart from the zombies, there were four men. I was one of them, and the others were Columbus, Ben and Riley. We were trying to kill the zombies but they did not die.

We decided to go to another country but there were even more zombies there. We went to a shop with a gun and a bat in case we met any zombies in the shop.

We had a cool Hummer. It was yellow and there was a little girl in the car. She was about 12 years old. There was a big girl as well. She was about 15 years old. First they were helping us to kill the zombies.

But suddenly, they were trying to trick us by pretending that the little girl was sick so the zombies could come and kill us.

We got away and all went to Riley's mansion. It's amazing because it has a river through the house, but with no animals in it, except a sea snake which Riley keeps as a pet. The sea snake only eats its predator when they are annoying him.

They went back to the Hummer to drive to Ben's mansion, then Columbus's mansion. Riley, the two girls and I stayed at Riley's mansion because there was extra room.

I slept on the couch and the girls were in the spare rooms. The girls' names were Sam and Chloe. They were very annoying but they had won a bet with us so they got to stay.


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