Mars Escape

As soon as the rocket started to rumble
my belly started to tumble.
The rocket burst up into the sky,
i thought i was going to die!
Once i got away from the earths pull
i tried to sit on a stool.
I floated up and hit my head
so i tried to lie down on my bed.
But couldn't stay down
which made me frown.
As i was gazing
i saw the man on the moonmaking cheese, which was amazing.
The milky way
made me stay.
To see the big dipper
which was a ripper.
I saw a shooting star
which set the bar.
I saw the phoenix
and reached for my Kleenex.
Then saw Taurus
which was kind os baurus.
While on my cot
i saw the teapot.
The twins appeared
then disappeared.
The milky way
made me sway.
And then i saw a glistening store
with aliens galore.
All green and ugly
although may seem a little snugly.
My rocket kepet on gliding past
but it didn't go too fast.
Just sitting and staring
i saw an alien sitting and glaring.
Through the front window of my rocket ship
the alien was eating chocolate dip.
Off i want faster and faster
leaving the alien eating his pasta?
There's the planet Mars
and is flying cars.
The red looking sand was the colout of rust
when i landed the sand rose up in a cloud of dust.
i went to look for an apple pie
but instead came across a french fry.
So i went to make a milk shake
but found a rotten steak.
Just ahead i saw an erupting sand dune
and up in the sky i saw a yellow moon!
And just then
i saw an alien, her name was Ben.
Which was funny
because she looked like a bunny.
I went with Ben
to see some men.
We went to a bar
just west of Mar.
They were a bit tough
they became verry rough.
They broke into fight
and i took flight.
Through the streets
my heart racing 1000 beats.
Over the next mound
i found the pound.
Now out of the city
what a shame, it looked so pretty.
To my ship
in a quick slip.
With a blast
i put up my mask.
With a rumble
and a belly tumble.
The rocket burst up into the sky
again i thought i was going to die.
I looked back at Mars
and its ruff bars.
To leave in a rush
but hast i must.
As i went faster
i saw the alien still eating his pasta.
I followed the big dipper
while looking for my slipper.
i zoomed past the milky way
eating my curds and way.
The man on the moon was still making cheese
just when i started to sneeze.
I came down to earth
the planet of my birth.
Cheers and waves
i felt i was in a daze.
I opened my eyes
to my surprise.
I thought i saw Mars
but they were only bright stars...