Family Car Trip

Our trip wasn't exactly the most enjoyable of such. We had all piled into the car ready for the vacation of a lifetime. I had been forced to sit next to my two rat like little brothers because I couldn't be strapped to the roof. That trip was already off to a bad start.

The car started and we buckled our seat belts. Dad started to back out of the driveway before we heard a loud crash. He stopped abruptly and left us all leaning forwards in our seats with our seat belts choking us. Dad stepped out to investigate. When he hopped back in. He sat back down in the car. "The mail will have troubles getting here now" he joked. We didn't laugh. He had run over our mail box!!

Dad made a few calls and managed to get his mate to come out and fix it up while we were on vacation. "So who wants to finally go on vacation?" Mum asked cheerfully. We stared at her bored.

The car started again and we were finally on our way. About 5 minutes into the drive we were getting seriously bored so Mum and Dad put on some sing-along music and started to sing really loudly. They wanted us to join in but we were resistant.

Then my rat like brothers started to play into the story. Dylan on my left, flicked Cory's ear on my right, which made Cory attempt to kick Dylan. He missed though and got me in the shin. "Ahh!" I yelled. Then Mum told me not to yell which made yell at her. By now there was a full fledged war between my brothers and they were flinging themselves all over the back seat in attempt to hurt the other.

Because of that little display of our maturity, Mum and Dad pulled over and gave us a huge lecture on behaving while Dad was driving.

We finally got to our holiday destination. While we were stretching our stiff limbs. Mum sheepishly came out from behind the car and said to Dad "Bob, we forgot the luggage in our excitement." I swear china heard his scream.

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