Failing To Understand

Failing To Understand
Maya, Sarah and Rachel are 3 friends who have gone through everything together like when they had to deal with bullies and getting through sad times or something like that. Well, when it comes to anything difficult to understand that’s what they call Failing To Understand.
It was a racial topic that put these 3 best friends for life in a fight against needs and wants. It all started with Maya living in America, Sarah living in Australia and Rachel in Greenland. They emailed each other everyday when they have the time and phone each other from time to time. On Thursday, Maya (whose new friends betrayed her) went to the International airport to pickup her friends from the Qantas plane. At exactly 6:12 am in the early hours of the morning, Sarah was the first one to be seen getting out of the plane with luggage blocking her way. Next came Rachel with only a bag for 67 clothes!
As soon as her 2 best friends were in the door she quickly gave them a tour because she was to eager to get to the exact topic they were going to talk about. When dinner was announced Rachel was the last to get to the kitchen because she was to busy texting her mum telling her that she was okay.
Over 4 days had passed since her friends had arrived at America’s International airport. They were sitting on towels at the beach talking and sunbathing while looking at the sea. ‘’Now let’s get to the point.’’, Maya declared coughing a bit as sand whipped past her. ‘’What is there to talk about May? ’’, replied Rachel. ‘’Um….. our problems at home! ‘’, she answered back. ‘’Do we have to?! ‘’, groaned Sarah pulling back her long silky brown hair. ‘’Yes we do! We’re friends and we talk about things and get solutions’’, she said. ‘’Well, something has come up in my crazy family! ‘’, Rachel whined.
‘’What is it then Rach? ‘’, said Maya and Sarah at the same time. ‘’ My mum is going away with my dad and they want me to be adopted. ‘’, she sulked. ‘’How awful! ‘’, exclaimed Sarah. Suddenly Rachel got up and started power walking across the sand. ‘’Where are you going Rach? ‘’, yelled Maya from a distance. No reply.
So that was how the failing to understand was born. When the day came for Sarah and Rachel to leave, Rachel was reported missing. At this news, Maya cried and cried for several hours threatening to kill herself if she wasn’t found soon. The local police station sent out a search party to search the isolated woods and wetlands of all America but no Rachel.
In a weeks time Maya was listening to the news when a newsflash suddenly came up on screen. ‘’Rachel Sutherland of Greenland has been missing for over a week but police have found a body of a girl dumped near a wasteland of garbage disposal.’’ With this saddening news, Maya ran into her room and locked the door.

So that’s how the story went. You will just have to make an ending to what Maya and Sarah would have done. So fill in the ending yourself.

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