Fading Darkness

“How could I have missed that?” I thought, as I ran along the empty corridor gripping my blade close. Still mentally berating myself, I reached the door that I had somehow missed. I opened the door and something screeched nearby; I ignored the sound and continued my mad dash through the room. Only to regret my decision mere seconds later, the dark evil gave a bloodcurdling scream that made me freeze on the spot. That was the terrible power of the dark reanimated creature, being able to halt anyone in their tracks with their cry, turning their blood to ice. I could only stand there feeling my previous emotions turn to those of dread, fear and a gaping sadness that seemed to fill my entire body, entire soul, as it bore down upon me, its toothless mouth stretched wide, its dark sightless eyes pointing in my direction. It screamed again, but I had regained my composure just seconds before it could attack. I got it first. It swayed slightly as I reclaimed my sword, and then it fell. It would never hurt again, its dread filled scream silenced for the rest of eternity. It was then I remembered why I was doing what I would have previously called crazy. It was for them, my family, friends, and whoever else that were affected by this plague of evil. I had trained for years to get to where I am now, and I was determined to finish my journey. I stared at the once more lifeless corpse for another moment before turning away to continue on my way through the room. I was careful to avoid anymore of the dark creatures as I picked my way to the other end of the long chamber, fighting away the small bat-like demons that occasionally swooped around my head. Finally, after many fights and many bats, I made it to the opposite end and opened the door and found what I was looking for. The regal chest containing the big key required to get into the final room of this horrible place. I gave a cry of joy and hurried towards it and it’s contents. After exiting the key room, I followed my previous path to get back towards the entrance. After reaching it I made my way to the room that contained this dungeon’s boss, the ruler of this place, the demon who can only be seen with the mystical lens thought by many not to exist. I had to destroy the beast, because in order to save the world, you must first save its people. I ran to the large door that I had discovered earlier, I stopped to catch my breath, and then with key in lock and blade in hand, I entered the room. At first all I could see was darkness, but soon, with the aid of the mystical lens I saw the monster for what it truly was. Then the fight began, for that was what the gods decreed.


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