Babies Night

Babies Night
My baby is very, very, very, cheeky. Now I have told you enough. I need to go to bed.
“Gaga.” The baby’s coming!!!!! The baby is crawling down the stairs. It goes to the door, it goes out the cat flap, it went to the park.
“Gaga.” She calls her friends.
“Let’s party!” said all the babies in the park.
Then one of the babies said “Stop! We do not have any food.” so all of the babies crawled home.
“Easy.” said a lot of voices. The babies were back in a flash. There were cakes, chockies, chips, lamingtons and mud cake. The babies partied all night.
In the morning all the babies were sleeping, “Do you want to go to your friends today?”
“Maybe not, after such a big night!”
The End.
By Bella.